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Eric Paul’s passion for whisky, premium spirits, fine wine & craft beer, along with an education in anthropology & cultural studies, is at the heart of his events. He has long  been involved in the liquor industry & the study of spirits. Many of these years have been consumed by developing his nosing/tasting methods, hosting private tastings, enjoying rare & wonderful bottles, working with a variety of businesses and developing a depth of knowledge.

His dedication to cultural studies and practices began early in his life. From a young age he endeavoured to learn about the French, Metis & German cultures of his ancestors. It became evident that a good amount of study should be dedicated to the outdoorsmanship practices of these peoples. Over the years he has honed his methods of bushcraft, outdoor skill presentations & general outdoorsmanship. A fine reprieve from the books!
Eric Paul has a deep love for the outdoors; he will often be found skiing in the winter as well as hiking, climbing & camping all year round.

Eric Paul learned his business craft through experience in management in a variety of industries and volunteer work. His love for entrepreneurial life and a desire to see success in both himself and others has long been the focus of his work. He has been inspired by the successful entrepreneurs of his family and his ancestors to pursue betterment in business. He has combined his work history experience with his keen eye for details, excellent organizations skills and a passion for success to bring your business the critical consulting it needs today!

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